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How to read Angel Oracle Cards with The Angels ~ Certified Course

A beautiful one day course that opens up to the angelic ones and their messages 

You don't have to have a specific angel oracle pack to gather messages from your angels, they will use whatever you have at hand.

However for the course we have chosen the very beautiful and Divinely inspirited Nature's Whispers Oracle Cards (artwork by the most talented Josephine Wall)  that have wonderful spiritual and uplifting images to easily read from.

  • Take part in a beautiful Angelic Meditation to bring in angelic energy
  • One card readings 
  • How to use the messages from the divine for healing and balance
  • How to receive guidance for past, present and future 
  • How to give an in depth reading for yourself and others.
  • Using the cards for spiritual growth
  • Different Styles of Layouts
  • Certificate after case studies.
  • ¬£70
  • 9.30 - 5pm 

Course Oracle Card Pack.

You will need to purchase a pack of oracle card for the course

These are the course pack:

Available from Amazon: