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Aura Reading Masterclass

Half Day Masterclass 


Healing Waters Masterclass offers access to this fascinating and important part of being a human by examination of what is an aura, learning to see the aura, measuring our own aura field, the meaning of colours in auras, strengthening and protecting

Learn about the fascinating world of Auras, what an aura is, what affects our aura, layers of the aura, sensing our aura, positive and negatives to colours seen in the aura, how to see and draw an aura.

Discover how to empower yourself and increase your energy, to help you reach your full energy potential.

Learn which affirmations, essential oils, herbs, gemstones, colours, exercise and Bach Flower Remedies can help bring the aura back into balance. 

Our half day Aura Reading Masterclass is an enjoyable and interesting day that will open your 3rd eye and also deepen your awareness and intuition.

  • What is an aura
  • Learning to see the aura
  • Measuring our own aura field
  • The meaning of colours in auras
  • Strengthening and protecting our aura
  • Meditation and Energy exercises