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Celestial Radiance ~ Spectrum Healing

A one day Practitioner Training Course working with the Archangels and their healing coloured rays of Love and Light

This wonderful and uplifting training day encompasses eight archangels and their healing rays of light. Empowering the receiver and the practitioner with colour and the celestial radiance of heavenly bodies of the higher realms.

Working deeply with the soul essence, the practitioner clears the luminous energy with a soft free flowing movement and then channels coloured rays that the receiver most needs at that particular time.

The practitioner builds her internal energy, examines the energy flow in soft movements. Working deeply with the soul essence seeking what may be helping or hindering the energy flow of the luminous body
Working with the pulsing energy and heart beat of the universe to bring about change in a positive way.

A beautiful free flowing healing therapy that calms the energy bodies and uplifts the soul, making a positive influence with angelic rainbow rays of light. 

Course Fee: £150
4 students only per course
Includes manual and dowsing colour spectrum wheel
Practitioner Diploma awarded after case studies presented back to HWA


Prerequites for the course:

  • An understanding of working with energy such as a healing diploma in Reiki or an other form of energy healing diploma is required. (however this is NOT Reiki)

Tools require are:
  • A crystal pendulum
  • A pack of colour healing cards  (link below ~ Amazon £11.00 approx.)