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CPD Masterclasses

Continuing Professional Development Masterclasses are add ons to existing HWA diploma courses.

Prerequisites:For some of the CPD masterclasses students must hold an existing HWA Diploma in the particular area to attend.

Healing CPD May 2017

Raising your Vibrational Energy and Healing Grids

Plus healing share.

A beautiful day of energy exercises and healing grids to raise your personal vibration.


6 places available 

Sunday 14th May 10am -2pm 

Reiki Healing CPD ~ Hara Energy

Reiki Healing CPD £30

Hara Energy and the balancing of the meridians is the core of this masterclass.
Going back to the Usui simplicity of healing , building hara strength and the focus of the heavenly energy pathways of light

A beautiful healing day to add another dimension to your reiki healing techniques.

Sunday 25th Sept 10am - 2.30pm

Angel Harmonic Healing CPD

AHH Practitioner CPD ~ £30
Calling all AHH practitioners, all levels.

Your energy and frequency's have changed since you have taken your AHH
Michael resonates on the Blue Ray and he encompasses you daily, but you may feel you have lost touch or just need a little angelic boost.

We have new directives from the Archangels of Seven.
This course will  be ready for teaching and you may be being called to step forward as a Teacher of AHH as part of the Beacons of Light programme .
This CPD reconnects and strengthens your previous convergence

Update Convergence
Healing Share  
Archangel Metatron ... our 8th steps forward

Healing CPD Sun 5th June 2016 ~ The Platinum Energies of the 8th Dimension

Healing CPD 4

Working with the Platinum Energies of the 8th Dimension.

We will be working with this ray of cosmic energy which is known as the ray of cosmic communication, perfection and of service.

It also works at a soul level helping the energy of your Soul to re-communicate your souls instructions into your chakras.

This Healing CPD will focus on a powerful clearing and will work through all of the 7 major chakras, one by one, clearing out old stagnant energies and bringing in new lighter energies and expansions helping to lift out of the old energies and work with the soul to become the being of light that we truly are.

Can be used as a treatment afterwards to add to your healing therapy  

Sunday 5th June 10am - 2.30pm


Healing CPD~  Psychic Surgery 2016

An masterclass exploring the deeper side of Healing.

  • The removal of  negative energy from the aura and the physical self with psychic surgery.
  • Spiritually delve deeper into the physical body to remove disharmony 
  • Colour Breathing and Healing with Perception
  • Contacting and working with your own Surgeon Spirit Guide 
  • £25
  • Healing diploma needed to attend

Healing CPD March 2016

Reawakening your Soulful Universal Energy

No matter what healing technique you channel this course will help you reawaken the possibilities of advanced healing from your connection to the universal energies.

During the afternoon we will use techniques, exercises and meditation to encourage your energy flow to spiral and broaden. You will experience deep stillness as the universal goddesses and angels expand and re-establish long time energies that lie dormant within your being. The time is now.
Sat 19th March 2016 12.30 - 4.30pm
Only £25
6 places available. 

Animal Whispers CPD 2016

Sat 10th September 2016 ~ Animal Whispers Masterclass ~ £50

10am - 3.30pm
Prerequisites: Reiki, AHH, CAT, Enerqi Aura Diploma needed
Here we will learn to help small creatures as well as Cats, Dogs and Horses
A wonderful day full of Animal Magic 

Tarot CPD 5

Exploring Past Lives with the Tarot

10am - 2.30pm


Tarot CPD 4

Sunday 1st Nov
A half day masterclass~ £45
The Celtic Cross revisited and feeling confident using other tarot decks
Here we work with another tarot deck and use our sixth sense to build the story. Revisiting the Celtic Cross and using other cards within your reading

Tarot CPD 3

A half day masterclass to enrich your tarot journey ~ £45

Sunday 8th Feb 2015 ~ Using the tarot for positive change.

10am - 2.30pm


A half day masterclass to enrich your tarot journey ~ £45

Sunday 9th August  ~ Court Cards and their Energy 

10am - 2.30pm


A half day masterclass~ Covering:

The Celtic Cross revisied and feeling confident using other tarot decks

Here we work with another deck and use our sixth sense to build the story

CPD Masterclass ~ Spiritual Hygiene and Maintenance within your holistic practice

£40 10am - 2.30pm

 Whether we heal or offer massage on a regular basis or just now and again... it is fundamental that we regularly practice Spiritual Hygiene and Maintenance as often as possible for your own benefit and those that you treat.

This masterclass will empower you and your holistic work and maintain both for optimum health. 
This CPD masterclass will teach you:
☆ How to recognise when your energy needs a spring clean and how to do it.
☆ Why you feel drained and unable to feel or function 
☆ How to deal with electromagnetic smog, other peoples' energy, obsessive energy stealers 
☆ Negative thoughts, psychic residue, thought forms and belief systems 
☆ How to spot when your aura is leaky and your chakras are not in harmony and harmonise them back to bliss.
☆ and much more

Jiao Qi CPD 

Jiao Qi foot massage cpd with Foot reading £45

Additional massage techniques to the feet and Foot Reading!

Foot reading is analysing the structure and texture of the feet to understand emotions and personality. 
Why do we get bunions or corns and why is my toe shaped like that? 

Indian Head Massage CPD

A half day masterclass 

A Couch Treatment, Candle Hair Oils and Marma Facial ~ £45

10am - 2.30pm