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Crystal Vibrational Healing ~ Two Day Diploma Course

Crystal Vibrational Healing Practitioners Diploma Course

This course is perfect for existing therapists and complete beginners

Our Practitioner Diploma Course is a two day course that is ideal for those who would like to learn about using crystals for treatments on friends and family and also for existing therapists who would like to add this wonderful treatment to their therapy portfolio.

The course includes the basics, and some wonderful advanced crystal layouts enabling the therapist to give a full crystal healing treatment.

The Course Diplomas are approved for insurance purposes, meaning that you will be able to obtain insurance and enable you to practice on the general public and charge for your therapy.

A beautiful and relaxing weekend  

CVH ~ Practitioner Diploma

Course Curriculum

A complete treatment from start to finish
Chronological background to crystals
How to cleanse and energise your crystals
Healing properties of Crystals
The Human Energy Field / Aura
Chakra and Meridian System
How to choose your crystals
Healing with Crystals
Crystal Healing Layouts
Learn to Dowsing with a Crystal Pendulum
Crystal Meditation
Case studies required (3 people having 3 treatments)
A maximum of 4 students per course to allow for individual attention
All students that attend courses at HWA receive a comprehensive manual and course attendance certificate on the day of their course
Times: Saturday 9.30 - 5.30pm & Sunday 9.30am - 5.30pm
Prerequisites: None

Course Crystals/Tools

For the course you will need a gathering of:

  • 1 x set of course crystals (Full details will be issued on booking, you may already have many of them. However a course crystal pk can be purchased for £30)
  • 1 x clear quartz pendulum (or one of your choice)
  • 1 x clear quartz crystal wand or laser point.
  • 4 x small single terminated quartz points

Choose your own Crystals

If you choose to have a course crystal pack from HWA, 

you choose your own crystals

Crystal Healing

What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal  Healing involves the 'laying on' of crystals at certain points of the body whilst the client is lying down.  Working with the chakras, the aura and the meridians, crystals resonate in harmony with each energy centre, the aura and meridians.

Crystals vibrate to a frequency of their own, and come in many different forms, shapes and sizes. The energy and nature of a gemstone is a universal energy. When our own energy systems begin to break down under stress and ill health, the simple but powerful resonance of a crystal may help us to clarify and reinstate our own harmonious patterns of health.

The History of Crystals

Crystals and gemstones have always been highly treasured for their beauty, healing and esoteric properties. The rich and powerful have worn gemstones for centuries. Healers, priests, spiritual seeks and shamans have always been drawn to the clarity and purity of crystals, always making use of their special powers.

Crystals form only in the right circumstances. Deep within the earth's crust, superheated gases and mineral-rich solutions at enormously high temperatures sometimes find their way along cracks and fissures toward the surface. As they cool, the atoms (which until now have been randomly agitated) now arrange themselves into more stable relationships with their neighbours. This means that the end effect is created by the building up of regular three-dimensional repeating patterns of atoms, known as crystal lattices. Crystals continue to grow until all the free atoms are arranged or until conditions change. As the solutions cool more and more and the pressure drops, different elements can join in combination. Usually harder minerals i.e. diamond, emerald and quartz will form at a higher temperature and pressure, compared with softer minerals such as calcite, turquoise and selenite that crystallise at much lower temperatures.

Testimonials (2014)

Crystal Vibration Healing Practitioner Diploma Course
**** Latest Testimonials ****

Thank you Jen for a truly wonderful weekend. Beautiful energy, gorgeous crystals and lovely people to connect and work with. I would say that this is one of the best courses I have ever taken. It's right up there with my first love Aromatherapy. Very detailed and explanatory teaching, I feel that I can take this away and really understand and connect with it, and I feel that I have truly learnt a new skill and hopefully all my precious people will benefit from it. Keep up the good work and I,ll see you again soon. Love and light to you, Kevin and Faith. Xx Heather

Oh my....where to start..... I know I raved about Reiki...but this is up there with yet another fabulous course. I've met the most lovely people on yet another one of your course with beautiful calming energies....felt like a weekend with family than strangers! Thank you for your time and effort...so interesting. ..loved learning about crystals...love the energy from them. Relaxing to give and receive. Buzzing right now with happiness and smiles off to have a hot soak to finish off a lovely weekend. Thank you xxxxxxxxxxx Luki

Please note:

That this Crystal Vibrational Healing Course can only be taught by Jennifer Garrington or on behalf of Healing Waters Academy.