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Ener-Qi Aura Massage ~ Practitioner Diploma Course

Ener~Qi Aura Massage ~ Practitioner Diploma Course


Level One

A one day course that teaches Ener-Qi Aura Massage leading to a Practitioner Diploma

Our empowering Ener~Qi Aura Massage unleashes an rich amount of energy into the receivers auric field, abundant energy flows through to the physical body too, such as joints, tissue, muscles and organs all receiving a deep infusion of energy. This holistic healing massage often leaving the receiver feeling light and complete

The Ener~Qi Aura Massage is an spiritual involvement method which involves the energy of two auras, yours and your clients. 

The aura massage empowers the aura system by maximising its functional capacities, targeting damaged or dysfunctional areas and activating a recovery process, restoring lost function and revitalising the deficient aura system.

The Ener~Qi Aura Massage Treatment is around 40- 50 minutes in total


  • an enrich a healthy aura
  • a blend energies of the mind, body and spirit, 
  • promotion of health and fitness
  • help and strength to the immune system
  • a preventative procedure to illness if regularly applied
  • accelerate the healing process
  • help with pain management
  • to target damaged tissue and dysfunctional organs 
  • Empowerment
  • palliative care to the terminal ill 

Course Requirements: None 

Course Includes:  

  • Sensing Auras
  • Earth and Quantum Field energy
  • Building aura energy for the practitioner
  • General & Specific Aura Massage Techniques
  • Colour Enhancement
  • Aura Repair
  • Chakra Balance
  • No physical contact at all
  • Crystal Grids, Crystal Layout
  • Case Studies (2 people having 2 treatments)
  • 9.30am - 5pm
  • Practitioner Diploma issued after case studies completed

Level 2 Advanced Practitioner Diploma Course

  • Colour Massage
  • Advanced Aura Empowerment Techniques 
  • Advanced Crystal Layouts
  • Aura Energy Building 
  • 9.30am - 5pm
  • £190
  • Case Studies (2 people having 2 treatments)
  • Advanced Diploma issued after case studies completed

Ener-Qi Aura Massage Testimonials

Latest Testimonials for Ener-Qi Aura Massage

Wow this course was both empowering and powerful. It was so lovely to be able to be able to offer massage to others despite my own disabilities. Jen as usual supported us all despite are individual needs to fully participate in this course. I felt as the receiver the energy and as the massager the level of power I could give. The person I massaged felt this energy strongly later too. Great session cannot wait for next level Thank you Jen and other group members’ xx  ~ Caroline J


WOW powerful amazing treatment to perform and receive .  Learnt a lot from this course.  Sorry Jen so blown away by this course can't really find the right words to do the day justice xxx ~Karen S


Yes, what energies, felt warm relaxed and replenished. Had a good nights sleep, good to give and good to receive. As Sue says, can't find the right words. Xx ~ Sylvia C


Hello thanks to all the ladies yesterday for sharing themselves and their energy.  Jen what a winner with this course, it is an energising and empowering treatment and we were gently nurtured by you. Thank you xx ~ Jon K


I really enjoyed the course, it felt powerful and effective, the hot flushes took me by surprise. I very much enjoyed being able to work with colours, the aura, chakras and massage in a way that felt like a complete treatment. I felt so relaxed whilst having the treatment, but could definitely feel some energy at work. I felt absolutely worn out last night, slept very well. Can't wait to start my case studies and see what happens next time ~Sue H


It was yet again an amazing course from Jen. We covered such a lot in one day but it wasn't rushed at all. It is a powerful treatment from both the therapist and the client point of view. As a "no contact" treatment it will be great to be able to offer it to people who can't have a conventional massage. I've already got my case studies lined up and I can't wait. ~ Julie L 


Kate said... After the treatment on Sunday , that evening I felt happy , fresh and full of beans, yesterday I felt like an old layer of skin had been shredded and I feel stronger and healthier. My pain in my heal has gone and during the treatment I had pain come more, and all better since. I love this treatment and this will go far. It's amazing and very spiritual as you know what happened. So excited I've done this .... xx Thank you Jen


Lukesh said... Where to start....the day was enjoyable. ..the course was more than I expected. ..the treatment to give and to receive was so powerful without even realising. I had the best sleep I've had in months, I feel fresh, alive and happier within myself....all I can say is roll on level 2! Thank you so much for putting such a wonderful course together...love everything you do and everything you're about...thank you xxxxxxxxx 


Rani said... Sunday was such an amazing day.. I didn't think I would be able to tune in. However.... I was pleasantly surprised and it's all thanks to you Jen. I look forward to Reiki next month and further courses. Thank you for such a spiritual day xxx