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Healing Hand Mudra Masterclass

Healing Hand Mudra Masterclass


A half day nurturing Masterclass that teaches Hand Healing Mudras along with powerful affirmations and meditations for further development. Easy to learn and take away with you!

  • A gateway to spiritual healing and personal empowerment.
  • Simply a wonderful relaxing and rewarding day.
  • Each gesture has many layers of complexity and you can choose to keep it very simple or unpeel as many layers as you wish. How deep can you go!
  • Only 8 places available. (see diary of events for availability)

Times: depending on which day the masterclass is in the diary 

  • Saturdays 12.30 - 4.30pm
  • Sundays    10am - 2.30pm (allowing for lunch)

  • We will be learning a series of hand mudra gestures/positions for spiritual healing and also meditation, that will develop into a sequence (hand prayers/dance).
  • These can then be practised at home as a ritual for peace and stillness or as part of your practise of meditation as you can lengthen or shorten how you perform them at home.
  • Each mudra will be given an affirmation and or a small meditation and also you can make a personal note as to what each one meant/felt to you as we go through the sequence. Making the sequence very personal to you.

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