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Indian Head Massage ~ Practitioner Diploma Course

Professional Diploma -  One Day Course £190

Indian Head Massage is deeply relaxing and is a wonderful and effective way to release mental and physical tension, and achieve a peaceful state of mind.

The advantages to Indian Head Massage are that it requires little space or expensive equipment, as it is done sitting in a chair. (However I prefer my clients to lie down for the face massage) And it can be carried out anywhere as it does not necessarily require the removal of clothes.

The essence of the one day course is on the practical ‘hands-on’ mastery of this wonderful therapy. Participants will have the opportunity to receive as well as give a full Indian Head Massage.

An intensive one day course, that teaches you all you need to know to be able to conduct a professional Indian Head Massage.

The day consists of:.

  • The History of Indian Head Massage
  • Contra-indications and contra actions
  • The Indian Head Massage routine: step-by-step instruction and practice
  • After care of clients
  • A fully illustrated manual
  • Access to HWA Instructional DVD of the whole IHM routine/treatment 
  • Indian Head Massage Practitioner Diploma after case studies
  • A&P Home study
  • £60 deposit secures your place
  • Course fee: £190

Snippet from our IHM  Training Video


Our commitment to you

After many years of teaching and training experience and hundreds of students, we are confident that our short one / two day courses are an adequate time to learn our therapies / treatments due to the small numbers of each class. However if we feel you need to come back to repeat the course, or you feel that you need extra training , then you can attend the next available course free of charge. (within 1 year of original course)

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