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Inner Balance Masterclass

A wonderful day of enlightenment and release that gently guides you to find and follow a natural way to a better you. 

Eliminate stress and avoid inner conflict by attending  our course and “TAP”  into the incredible power of your Higher Self, Heart Conciousness and Subconscious Mind to manifest inner balance 

The EFT/Tapping Technique is easy to learn  and along with the meditation exercises during the day will bring about a state of equilibrium 

  • Working with EFT and Mindfulness Meditation to bring inner equilibrium
  • Guided Journeys and Energy Exercises to bring inner balance and a deep sense of well-being
  • Small classes of up to 7
  • £65 
  • 10am - 4.30pm

What is EFT/ Tapping?
EFT/Tapping is a powerful self-help technique that combines the principles of ancient Chinese medicine with modern psychology. EFT /Tapping makes use of the Chinese system of "energy pathways" or Meridian's to bring back balance and inner harmony.  

Mindfulness & Tapping
Our technique requires you to tap on a few of your meridian points – as you focus on whatever it is that’s bothering you in the present. We begin to slowly work through the layers of emotions and stresses that have built up within your mind and body.