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Malaysian Aman Muka Massage

MAMM ~ 'Peaceful Face' (Indulgence for the Mind, Body & Soul)

Course Requirements: There is no formal requirement for entry onto this course

What is Malaysian Aman Muka Massage?

The essence of this treatment is to see the body as a harmonious whole. Health is achieved by maintaining the body in a delicate balance of Yin and Yang, which are mutually dependent opposites. A proper balance is required for the total harmony of the mind, body & spirit. Therefore, the treatment offered is designed to seek a balance for total physical & spiritual well-being.

Malaysian Aman Muka Massage which means “peaceful face,” balances the yin / yang and the meridians, is a wonderful facial massage and a therapeutic massage to the acupressure points of the face, neck & shoulders using finger tips and the natural gentle healing energy of two crystal wands.

Course Fee: £190

One day course
The therapy is performed with the client partially clothed in a reclining or lying position.
The treatment includes massage and acupressure to the face, décolleté, neck, shoulders.
Also an introduction to cleansing, toning and moisturising the face
By balancing Yin and Yang, the treatment helps to bring the body and mind to balance and heal itself.
Profoundly relaxing to give and receive
Holistic - brings balance and harmony to the mind, body and spirit and supports the body's natural ability to heal itself
Suitable for beginners and experienced therapists
Effective as 45 - 60 minute treatment or as a 'taster treatment'
Anatomy & Physiology certificate is not required for this course however it is included in manual for home study.
The course covers basic Traditional Chinese Medicine, contraindications, massage, case studies, etc
Includes a comprehensive course manual.
Individual attention in small classes – limited to 4 per class.
This one day diploma course covers everything you need to know for you to safely and professionally conduct a therapy session of a Malaysian Aman Muka Massage.
Practitioner Diploma after case studies

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Please note that Malaysian Aman Muka Massage is a trademark of Jennifer Garrington. All aspects of this treatment, routine, methods and techniques are Copyright. The course and treatment is original. Only therapists who have done this course are entitled to call themselves Malaysian Aman Muka Massage Practitioners.