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Mandala and Crystal Grid Masterclass

A half day masterclass that offers relaxation, spiritual and personal development


A relaxing and rewarding masterclass where we explore the energy and pleasure of working with Mandalas and Crystal Grids.

What is a Crystal Grid? 

  •  Crystal grids are a placement of stones in a pattern but they are far more than that!
  •  A crystal grid is made by the placement of crystals/ tumbled stones in a pattern for the specific purpose of directing energy and thus creating a strong energy field
  •  A grid is an intricate weaving of crystal energy and energy lines from one stone to another, which creates a very powerful vortex of life force energy. 
  • As each stone amplifies and enhances the energy of other crystals, grids can be used to sustain the healing of a person or situation into the past, present or future. 
  • Crystal grids can help also to protect, manifest and to support an intention or objective.  
What is a Mandala?
  • The word "mandala" loosely translated to mean "circle," however a mandala is much more than a simple shape.
  • Mandalas represent wholeness, and can be seen as a model for the genesis building block of life itself. A cosmic illustration that reminds us that we are one with the infinite, and that place that extends both beyond and within our bodies and minds.
  • Just look to the heavens for confirmation ~ the celestial circles that are the earth, sun, and moon. Nature herself casts the first circles…. The formation of the nautilus shell, the Fibonacci spiral, petals of a flower, even our own eyes!

The day consists of drawing, colouring, developing and manifesting our own mandalas, meditations, and working with mandala and crystal grid energy.

A informative creative and meditative day using stones, crystals, feathers, colour, pens, herbs and whatever nature has to offer us!

Small groups of up to 8 only. 


Course times vary:

  • Saturday Masterclasses 12.30- 4.30
  • Sunday Masterclasses    10am- 2.00