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Moon Magick Masterclass

Moon Magick Masterclass


Our half day masterclass is a relaxed and easy course working with the different lunar phases that are important in determining the optimal time to perform certain actions and rituals for the most satisfactory result. This time-honoured information has been utilised for centuries by farmers, gardeners, meta-physicians and wiccans as well. Many of the ancient wise ones practiced an elementary form of magick which dealt with the energies of the Moon as she moved through her phases  

When you begin to work regularly with lunar energies, you will understand how the influences of each shift will be felt and utilised as she changes signs every few days.

Begin to start planning activities according to the phase of the Moon, starting ventures at or after the New Moon, watching them come to fruition at the Full Moon, using the waning phases to evaluate and wrap up, and finally ending the project as the Moon becomes dark again.

  • Moon Meditations
  • Candle Rituals
  • Moon Cycles and Phases
  • Moon Mapping and Dowsing
  • £45
  • Up to 6 students only