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Potions and Notions

The course offers an opportunity to work with the powers of intention to bring about change and empowerment. Using Mother Earths Natural Ingredients to promote wellbeing, health and positivity.  All working in the Light.

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An ancient quiet magic for self empowerment
The power of magic springs from the earth, the stars and celestial bodies
It resides within the wind, rocks, trees, water, fire and plants and also within our selves.

This masterclass takes us into the realms of making our own magic of incense, charms, baths and brews.

A personal art of weaving love, light and magical incantations to each creation of blends to bring empowerment, healing and protection.

Learn about the old ways, the moon cycles, working in the light to create powerful invocations, incense, charms, potions and brews. 

The olden ways, saw many women who preferred to walk the magical path independently. These ladies had a unique relationship with nature and used her own natural healing abilities to help others.

The moon cycles were especially important, and she would work with the ever changing lunar energies. She would learn about the ancient arts and became comfortable with the ancient energies that she found healed herself and others.

These ladies would have been the local healers, herbalists and midwives of the village, the wise ones. Known as the “Cunning Folk” they would offer charms, potions and advice. They would have had one foot in the earthy world and the other in the ether realms but would always in harmony with the earth and all of nature. 

A half day masterclass of working with natural products to create a variety of Potions, Brews, Charms and Incense for personal use only. All working in the light.

12.30 - 5pm
£50 ~ All materials included
Up to 6 students only

  • Power Blessing Meditation
  • Invocations
  • Healing Incense
  • Attraction and Protection Charms
  • Blessing Brews
  • Potions  
  • Moon Magic
  • Working in Sacred Space

June 2016 ~ Potions and Notions

Held in the summer months, with most of the day, weather permitting being outside. Each student having their own sacred space.