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QiHai Leg and Foot Ritual

QiHai Leg & Foot Ritual

'Sea of Vital Energy'

What is a Qihai Leg & Foot Ritual? (pronounced chee high)

The essence of oriental healing is to see the body as a harmonious whole. A proper balance of the flow of Qi is essential to a balanced whole. Health is achieved by maintaining the body in a delicate balance of Yin and Yang, which are mutually dependent opposites. The body's harmony is also based on the interplay of the Five Shu points along the legs and feet meridians. A proper balance of all five Shu points is required for harmony of the mind, body & spirit. Therefore, the treatment offered is designed to seek a balance for physical & spiritual well-being.

(please note: Ladies that have taken Jiao Qi Foot Massage, this is a totally different treatment) 

Qihai Ritual - (which means Sea of Vital Energy) is a wonderfully relaxing ritual to the lower legs and feet that involves:

  • A warming foot soak ~ to cleanse and soothe away the pains of the day
  • Exfoliating Scrub ~ to remove dry, lifeless skin cells. Which improves the skins appearance.
  • A Foot Masque ~ to help revive tired feet, leaving the feet feeling wonderfully smooth and deeply refreshed.
  • A revitalising cold stone massage to the feet
  • Relaxing massage to soothe tired legs and feet, along with the stimulation of the important five Shu acupressure points along each of the leg and foot meridians.
  • Body butter is applied to the legs and feet ~ leaving them silky smooth. 
  • Finally ~ A wonderful ritual that incorporates a flower ceremony to worship the feet.

The benefits of a QiHai Ritual

  • Improved circulation and toxin removal.
  • Stimulated lymphatic drainage and immune system boost.
  • Reduced stiffness and improved flexibility.
  • Accelerated physical healing
  • Stress relief
  • Improved sleep
  • Clarity of mind
  • Stimulation of the Shu points of the legs and feet to being harmony and balance

The Course

Course Requirements: There are no formal requirements for entry onto this course

One day course - £190

  • The therapy is performed with the client fully clothed in a sitting position, with shoes and socks only being removed.
  • The treatment includes massage to the Shu acupressure points of legs and feet, incorporating a relaxing and beneficial leg and foot massage
  • The treatment helps to bring the body and mind to balance and heal itself.
  • Profoundly relaxing to give and to receive
  • Holistic - brings balance and harmony to the mind, body and spirit and supports the body's natural ability to heal itself.
  • Suitable for beginners and experienced therapists, including Reiki practitioners, holistic therapists, beauty therapists etc.
  • Effective as 60 minute treatment or as a 'taster treatment'
  • The course covers basic TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), basic anatomy & physiology, contraindications, massage, etc.
  • Includes a comprehensive workshop manual.
  • Individual attention in small classes – limited to 4 per class. 
  • This one day workshop covers everything you need to know for you to safely and professionally conduct a therapy session of a QiHai Ritual.
  • Some of my testimonials - A professional and pleasurable day, thank you. Easy, relaxed and fun!

All students that attend any of Healing Waters Academy workshops will receive an excellent manual, which covers the course material and all aspects you have learnt on the day. 

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Please note that QiHai Leg & Foot Ritual © is a trademark of Jennifer Garrington. All aspects of this treatment, routine, methods and techniques are Copyright. The course and treatment is original. Only therapists who have done this course are entitled to call themselves QiHai Ritual © Practitioners.