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Sacred Moon Healing ~ Training Courses at HWA

Standing at the edge of time are Power Animals and Indigenous People Guides that have been waiting for this precise moment in your involvement as a healer.

Learn to use their knowledge and powerful techniques to bring Strength, Balance and Harmony to a person’s energy system.

You will not just learn... you will experience, and you will know!

During SMH training, you will learn to work intuitively to sense any energy blockages and areas that require healing in a persons system. 

Using many SMH techniques you will also integrated into your healing work a variety of healing crystals, sound and energy work. 

The energy healing techniques that you will learn to use will support in the release of energetic blockages that are interfering in a person’s energy system. 

You will also work with sound healing techniques and the use rattles, bells, chimes and voice (level 2) to create harmonic overtones to ease the release of blocked energy.

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Sacred Moon Healing

Only found at Healing Waters Academy (Worcester UK)

Sacred Moon Healing ~ You will not just learn... you will experience, and you will know!

In the system of Sacred Moon Healing we work to restore strength, balance and harmony with the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual health of the receiver/client.

  • Working with powerful Indigenous People Principles, we work closely with the receivers Power Animal, their Moon Animal, Guides and their Soul Aspect.
  • We also create a bespoke treatment based upon our moon cycles
  • A Sacred Moon Healing treatment makes a connection with a persons power animal, moon animal, retains one’s life essence, removes stuck energy, freeing the receivers sense of purpose.
  • Please note: this is not a traditional Shamanic Healing Course.

Sacred Moon Healing ~ Level 1

Sacred Moon Healing ~ You will not just learn... you will experience, and you will know!

This 2 day intensive course covers the basics of Sacred Moon Healing.

£295 ~ No previous experience needed just a desire to learn Energy Medicine with the energy of Indigenous People and our moon cycles.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Energy Medicine
  • Introduction and connection to Power Animals
  • Moon Animals
  • Indigenous People Principles
  • Understanding our Moon Cycles and how they relate to the healing sessions.
  • Healing Techniques, using Drumming, Rattles, Crystals and Sound
  • SMH Healing Techniques

After completing level 1 and presenting 2 case studies, (2 people having 4 treatments) the next level is available which leads to a SMH Practitioner Diploma

Sacred Moon Healing ~ Level 2 ~ Practitioner Diploma

Sacred Moon Healing ~ You will not just learn... you will experience, and you will know!

Prerequisites: Level 1 case studies need to be completed along with Theory Assessment papers. 6 months between courses.

£295 ~ Two Day Intensive Practitioner Diploma.

  • A wonderful weekend of healing and experiencing!
  • SMH Rites are carried out to carry you on your journey to this sacred level of healing.
  • Deep Core Being Moon Cycle Meditations
  • Leads to a SMH Practitioner Diploma
  • Level 2 Case Studies required
  • Energy Work with Crystals, Sound and Spiritual Energy
  • Working with Medicine Wheels.
  • Plus murch more