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Introduction to Scrying Masterclass


Learn how to begin to learn to use tools such as the crystal ball, mirror and water to allow your inner eye to open and access deeper levels of wisdom and power.

In this  half day ,masterclass, Jennifer, shares her wealth of expertise on tapping into your inner wisdom so you can activate and accelerate your intuition and psychic abilities and gain the inner tools that you need.

  • Personal Development
  • Accelerated Psychic Ability
  • Meditations /Journeys to gain inner wisdom and insights
  • Divination Skills
  • £40  

  • If held on a Sunday 10am - 2pm ~ If held on a Saturday 12.30 - 4,30pm

Scrying has been used for thousands of years by different cultures. It is said that the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Celts practiced scrying and Nostradamus is believed to have used a bowl of water as a scrying tool into which he gazed and received images of future events.