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Shadow Energy Masterclass

 A half day of empowerment and healing, which encourages release and empowerment from etheric hooks, negative energy and attachments


  • Saturdays 12.30pm - 4.30pm 
  • Sundays 10am - 2.30pm (allowing for lunch) 

What is An Energy Vampire?

We all know people that bring happiness and lightness into your life, leaving you feeling either relaxed or empowered, and there are those that leave you feeling drained and tired.

We know these types, the pity party types, the one that tells you all their woes and never asks about you, the ones that feels the world is against them, the blamer, the guilt trip ones, oh dear how many there are….but even the ones that have to be the centre of attention.. all…of the time… all of these can steal your energy to boost their own.

What are etheric cords/hooks?

These are like a fishing hook the end shoots out of your friend and attaches itself to you and fastens on...Just like an electric cable this cord allows your friend to suck your precious energy from you, filling up themselves with your kind, loving and happy energy. But you can also have cords to situations and trauma.

What are the Signs?  

  • Is there a tightening in your chest when you are with a certain person
  • Do you feel tired when you hang up the phone after talking to them?
  • Does your head ache?
  • Even though they may be close to you and you think a lot of them, you dread meeting or talking to them!
The Masterclass 
  • Learn more about energy stealers (vampires) , etheric cords, negative thought forms and energy attachments.
  • Spending an afternoon with Archangel Michael, cutting ties, cords and attachments. 
  • Self healing techniques and how to protect and balance yourself day to day.
  • Meditations and energy exercises that can be carried out at home too.

 Classes up to 7 only to allow for personal attention.