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Soul Solace  ~ Inner Reflection and Relaxation Day

Soul Solace Saturday / Sunday - Healing Waters day of Inner Reflection

Held on a Saturday or a Sunday 

10am - 4.30pm 

Places always go fast, so please book your place asap

Ideal for Beginners to Advanced

Are you feeling a little jaded, tired or world -weary?

Then come along and enjoy the benefits of a perfect ‘you’ day.

Be gently guided through wonderful visualisations of emerald forests or long sandy beaches, taken on journeys through star encrusted skies or warm country meadows and emerge from your day feeling balanced, relaxed and carefree!

A wonderful day with nothing to do but to just sit back, relax, unwind and enjoy!

£65 (Includes a light salad lunch, with bits and bobs and of course a nice pudding. Please inform us if you have food allergies on booking)


How your day will proceed...

10am ~ Registration and Coffee/ Tea and Toast or Biscuits
10.20am ~ Close your eyes and just breath and follow me on a some beautiful journeys of peace and stillness
11am ~ Open your eyes for: Coffee, Tea and Biscuits
11.20am ~ Close your eyes and just breath and follow me on a some inner reflection and healing journeys 
1pm ~ Open your eyes for: Lunch ( Buffet Salad with bits and bobs, nibbles and a nice pudding)
2pm ~ Eyes Closed and Open for: Mandala work and mindfulness
3pm ~ Open your eyes for: Coffee, Tea, Cake and Biscuits
3.20pm ~ Close your eyes and just breath and follow me on a deep relaxation and meeting your angels or spirit guides
4.15 pm ~ Open your eyes for reflections of your day
4.30pm ~ Make your way home feeling refreshed, renewed and revitalised

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