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Zen Rock Art Masterclass 

A spiritually uplifting day of mindfulness meditation creating your own Zen Mandala Stone.

Create your own 'Zen Rock Art' mandala using acrylic paints and mindfulness meditation, enchantment for the eyes and the soul. 

Each colour and circle will represent a direct expression of your inner being.

Your Zen Rock Art  will be perfect for decorating a sacred space, a paper weight or a tool for meditation.

  • All materials included to create two Zen Rock Arts (Sunset Duos) each student plus a 3rd eye mandala stone.
  • Mindfulness Meditation (easy to learn)
  • Working with the energy of Mermaid Oracle Cards 
  • Rocks lovingly chosen for their Gaia and Mermaid energy from the beautiful coasts of Cornwall 
  • May / June
  • Sat 1pm - 4pm
  • 6 Students
  • £35

Oracles of the Mermaids

Working with the energy of beautiful mermaid cards.

Mermaid Three Card Shoreline Layout

  • From the shores of time... what are your Rocks whispering to you? 

What is mindfulness?

What is  Mindfulness Meditation?

With mindfulness meditation we pay attention to and see clearly whatever is happening in our lives at a particular moment. Bringing reduced stress and developing a more focused mental state of being.

Combining spiritual non-religious meditation, breathing techniques and paying attention to the present moment. 

Meditation is simply the practice of paying attention to what we are doing at that precise time. In the Buddhist tradition, this type of attention is called mindfulness.

Meditation and mindfulness can help bring about a natural sense of peace and well-being that can extend to every aspect of our lives.