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Angel Harmonic Healing

Angelic whispers are echoing throughout the universe, calling for your attention, you have heard them, often in your dreams and maybe in your waking day. Listen with your heart ... listen carefully and you will understand.

Earth Angels ... your time has come... you can ignite the part of your template that needs illumination! Your destiny awaits!

Begin to heighten the ascension process as you walk your earth journey and become a Certified *Angel Harmonic Healing Practitioner* (A.H.H.p) only at Healing Waters Academy.

Angel Harmonic Healing is a very gentle but high dimensional, non-denominational form of spiritual healing that involves working with the highest of angelic realms, to heal and bring back balance, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

All are made welcome, from Reiki, Energy & Spiritual Healers to Complete Beginners, as no previous experience is needed, just a desire to heal and help others. So beginners don't worry, you will be taught all you need to know.

Angel Harmonic Healing Practitioners Courses channelled through Jennifer Garrington from The Archangels of Supremacy. Only found at Healing Waters Academy!

Our Angel Harmonic Healing courses are spiritual not religious, light, down to earth and provides you with a strong foundation in Angel Energy Healing Training.


AHH Level 1 - Harmonising Diploma (£150)

AHH Level 2 -  AHH Practitioner Diploma (£180)

AHH Level 3 - AHH Master / Practitioner Diploma - 2 day course (£250)

AHH Level 4 - AHH Master / Teacher Diploma -  3 day course (£350) (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

A.H.H Level One

Level One ~ Intensive Course

Course Fee: £150

 9.30am - 6pm

Our A.H.H Level One Course encourages self-healing, spiritual growth and the ability to share the love, excitement and wonder of working with the Angelic Realms and the connection to the Divine.

During our  introduction course to Angel Harmonic Healing, you will learn how to make a psychic connection with your guides and angels and begin to channel this wonderful healing energy to others to guide and heal.

During the Level One Angel Attunement, you will be encouraged to open your heart to forgiveness, cleansing and healing.

You will receive from Level 1, a harmonising and balancing enabling you to treat family and friends

Level 2 training course provides you with a Professional Diploma so you may then go on and spread the healing to others.

Prerequisites: None – just the desire to help others through Angel healing. There are no academic qualifications required.

  • Angelic Meditations to open your channel, safely and easily . (Your connection to the angelic realms)
  • Level One Angel Harmonic Convergance to connect to Angelic Healing Energies
  • Healing practice
  • Covering Protection, grounding and everything you need to become an Angel Harmonic Healing Practitioner/Healer 
  • Angel Harmonic Healing is given and received, everyone receives some angelic healing.
  • Comprehensive A.H.H course (level one) manual
  • Free ongoing support on your journey, you are never on your own!
  • Light and laughter are free!
  • Our courses are not demanding or so high brow that you get lost, they are fun, easy and relaxed. (Just as it should be)

Professional Diploma  (Angel Harmonic Healing Practitioners Certificate, after level 2 has been taken along with 9 case studies) * With this Diploma you can gain insurance and be able to charge for your therapy.

No previous experience needed, just a desire to heal yourself and others (Healing friends and family or the general public)

Small groups of up to 4

£60 deposit to secure your place

To become an AHH Practitioner you will need to complete Levels 2 and present 9 case studies.* (3 people having 3 treatments each)

The next phase of the Level 1 practitioner course is AHH Level 2 course and is taken at least 3 months after taking level 1.

Level Two

AHH Level 2 Course

Course Fee: £180 

A one day course 9.30am - 6pm

Prerequisites: Level 1 AHH must have been taken at least 3 months prior to taking the Level One Course. Case studies must have been completed and accepted.

Taken at least 3 months after Level 1,  and is an elevation of your energy levels and to provide an opportunity for personal development and advancement on your spiritual journey. Many see this as a spiritual booster and an opportunity to regroup their energies. 

The Level 2 course will also help you on your Life Journey, reminding you of whom you really are and why you are here. And begin to understand a little more clearly your own present life’s experiences, gain simple and supportive strategies so that you can begin to create the life you truly desire in your heart.

A the end of this training day and after completing case studies, you will receive your AHH Practitioner Diploma.

Level One reviewed

Practical Session: you will give and receive an AHH treatment.

Re-evaluating - Sensing Angelic Energies

How to clear & protect your auric field

Home Clearing & Creating a Spiritual Practice

Elevating your energy levels to enable you to move up to the level two energies.

Level 2 Convergence & Template Activation

Raise your core vibration to enable you to hold more light and energy

Archangel frequency and blueprint rejuvenation 

AHH Practitioner Diploma given at the end of the day (gaining your wings!)

9.30am - 6pm

Small groups of up to 4

£60 deposit to secure your place

Recent Testimonial - Hi Jen Thanks for such a great day - it definitely is worth doing 1a, and rounds everything off nicely. I totally recommend it to anyone! Jo - Swindon

Level Three

Level Three - A.H.H. Master Practitioner Diploma Training


Sat & Sun ~ 2 day course

Prerequisites: Level 2 Diploma Course must have been taken at least 6 months prior to level 3 Master Practitioner Course. 

This  Master Practitioner course will raise your frequency and healing platform to a much higher level. Opening and widening the vibrational energy channel to encourage an elevation of healing energy.

Master Practitioner Course

Working with Angel Tuning Forks (not supplied)

Level 3 Archangel Frequency Template Convergence

Angel Harmonic Healing Level 3 Treatment is given and received

Comprehensive manual

Case studies required

Level Three A.H.H.mp Diploma

9.30am - 6pm 

Small groups of up to 4

£60 deposit to secure your place

As you embark upon this next step on your AHH journey, you find that you are on an inward bound voyage and entering an important programme of self healing, higher conscious awareness, remembrance and ultimately, transcending to a higher healing platform.

To choose this path is to embrace the Archangels on a truly magnificent dimensional plane, far beyond the boundaries of level 2.

Your quest for a higher level of consciousness lies in AHH level 3, as you extend your awareness to the far horizons of your divine potential. You will bring into being the capacity to hold more light and a higher vibrational supremacy of the Archangels.

This journey is one of empowerment and accelerates your path towards higher consciousness and self awareness.

Tools Needed for AHH Level 3 (Not included in course fee)

1 x set of Angel Tuning Forks

1 x Large Crystal Wand or point

AHH Level 3 brings in the harmonic frequencies of Tuning Forks. You will need a set to attend the course. These can be brought over the internet and HWA can recommend a company on request. 

Angel tuners open our spirit to the angelic kingdom. The frequencies are believed to unite heaven and earth.

Recent Testimonial

"What an amazing experience for Angel Harmonic Healing Level Three!!  Nothing can prepare you for the exciting insights into the Angel World.  Took us up to heights we thought we could not reach, and gave us amazing colours that you did not want to stop or leave you.  Certainly felt the shift to the higher level!  Makes you buzz from head to toe, leaving a feeling of peaceful and serenity."  Sylvia Clay ~ Inkberrow

Level Four - A.H.H. Master/Teacher Diploma Training

Level Four - A.H.H. Master/Teacher Diploma Training

Course fee: £350 

3 day course (held over one weekend Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

Prerequisites: Level 3 must have been taken 12 months prior to taking the next very important level of A.H.H. Case studies must have been handed in and accepted by HWA

A.H.H Master/Teacher Level 4 is an ongoing spiritual journey of regeneration and self development. At this level in your soul's journey you will be making a statement to your Higher self to continue with the contract you agreed to at the entry point to this earth journey. At the 1st gateway you affirmed you would complete the task, learn and experience your lessons well, now is the time to review those pledges and maybe get back on track to fulfilling your journey.

This level is the Master/Teacher level where you will learn how to deliver AHH to others ~ to level 3 only. All new Master/Teachers will be trained here at HWA by Jennifer 


Please note that Angel Harmonic Healing is a trademark of Jennifer Garrington. All aspects of this treatment, routine, methods and techniques are Copyright. The course and treatment is original. Only those who have taken this course with Healing Waters Academy are entitled to call themselves Angel Harmonic Healing Practitioners. (A.H.H.p) Only those that are officially appointed and representing Healing Waters Academy can teach this healing/therapy/course.