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Around The Campfire

Around the Campfire ~ A Beautiful Transformational Experience

A powerful day of journeys “around the campfire” to overcoming challenges, from physical ailments to emotional issues, relationship and with career issues.

A day to replenish, uncover and awaken your limitless potential, and to apply it in every area of your life.

Around the campfire is an extremely potent, healing and transformational day as you deepen your experience, challenge your boundaries and allow you to recognise your true potential. Uncovering blocks and penetrating the limiting thoughts and beliefs, leaving you soaring high above where you ever thought possible

Around the campfire invites our higher self, our guides and soul family to help us with challenges, physical ailments, emotional issues,  relationship and general life issues.

  • Transformational healing
  • Clear issues an allow your full potential to blossom
  • Live your life in joy, wholeness and peace
  • 10am - 2.30pm
  • £45
  • Small groups of 6 only