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Atlantean Spectrum Healing

Two Day Healing Diploma Course

Atlantis ~ The Home of Healing
Become  proficient in the healing art of *Atlantean Spectrum Healing*, learn how to use colour to heal the mind, body and soul.

Imagine entering a temple of healing where you will learn how to use a variety of colour tools such as light, crystals and cloth.

Learn how the ancient masters of Atlantis used crystal, light and colour to heal and make whole.

Just as in Crystal Healing, no other form of healing is used or necessary in A.S.H, just the powerful energy of colour, crystals and light 

Course Prerequisite:
  • Level 1 ~ None
  • Level 2 ~ 6 months previously taken level 1
  • Only up to 4 students per course to allow for personal attention

Level One Practitioner Diploma Course

  • The Story of Atlantis and Lemuria
  • The Background to Colour Healing in the West
  • Social and environmental effects of colour
  • The language of colour 
  • Colour wheels 
  • Colour healing techniques and layouts 
  • Atlantean Spectrum Healing Energy
  • Absent healing using crystal grids
  • Physical Intuition and working with colour 
  • The Chakras and the Aura
  • Working with Crystals, Colour and light
  • Colours and their resonance with the chakras
  • Colours and their healing properties
  • Methods of giving Colour 
  • 6 Case studies required (2 people having 3 treatments)
  • £290

Level Two Master Practitioner Diploma Course
  • Advanced A.S.H Energy
  • Using a Crystal Colour Healing Torch 
  • Colour readings
  • Colour and numerology
  • Using Colour with other therapies, including Essential Oils, Crystals & Bach Remedies
  • Dowsing
  • 6 Case Studies required (2 people having 3 treatments)
  • £290 

The Atlantean’s are believed to have developed a system of healing using colour and crystals, this knowledge was passed onto the Egyptians who also had and developed a  great knowledge of the power and influence of colour. In their great temples, they built healing halls of colour. A person would enter the temple and was placed in a colour healing room, each room was tuned to particular colour frequency. These rooms were built so that as sunlight entering them was refracted into a spectrum of colours.