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The Art of Crystal Casting ~ Lithomancy

A half day masterclass ~ £50 includes crystal pack and grids

The Crystal Casting Masterclass is wonderful half day masterclass that works on various levels of consciousness, yours and the crystals you will be working with. 

Using 13 crystals you will empower them with universal symbols and astrological wisdom, to provide healing and insight.

During the day, you will create a set of stones with symbols that will empower both yourself and each stone, making your own divination tools for direction, guidance, healing and insight 

Each crystal will be a representative of the following:
Sun / Moon / Saturn / Venus / Mercury / Mars / Jupiter / Earth / Air / Fire / Water / Spirit / Universe

Course Times: Depending on the diary date

  • Saturday Masterclass times: 12.30- 4.30
  • Sunday Masterclass times:   10am - 2.30