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Meditation, Spiritual Development and Awareness Closed Circle

Healing Waters Academy ~ Meditation & Spiritual Development Circles
  • Feeling tired and exhausted or just need some time for yourself? 
  • Always wanted to try guided meditation and didn't know where to start? 
  • Want to develop your spirituality or psychic abilities? 
  • Why not join our meditation & spiritual development circle and meet like minded people.

The evenings are relaxed, peaceful, friendly and in a easy environment where you can learn to relax, unwind, be gently guided through meditations, visualisations, affirmations and relaxation techniques, developing your spirituality and psychic abilities along the way.

Here at Healing Waters we teach meditation , relaxation & development in a refreshingly down-to-earth manner. With a passion to present meditation and spiritual development as something we can all easily do rather than a complex discipline with rigid structures and rules.

Develop your spirituality, while learning to relax, eliminate stress, experience peace & tranquillity with guided meditation & relaxation techniques.

Membership based

Guided Meditations & Visualisations

Angel / Oracle Card reading

Spiritual Development and Awareness Development

As a group we do like to share our journeys, however personal /private experiences will be respected 

Light & laughter - free of charge!

small personal groups

Membership price block bookings of 4 sessions - £28 to secure your place, paid every 2 months, works out at just £7 per meeting (payable in advance ~ however when there is a 5 week month that fee will be £35)

Meeting once a fortnight

Beginners to advanced ~ all welcome

  • Our closed circle meets once a fortnight on a Wednesday evening
  • Small groups of up to 7 members 
  • Have we any available places?  ~ See Diary of Events click HERE
  • (If the groups are full, please email us, as sometimes places do become available but are quickly snapped up)
  • Block bookings of 4 sessions - £28 to secure your place, payable on the first session of every two months, see below for more details (However when there is a five week month that fee will be £35)

What happens at my first session regarding payment?If you decide that the group is for you, then you will need to pay £7 and the remainder of that term.

If it is not what you are looking for, then the fee is just £7.

  • Meeting once a fortnight (every other Wednesday) 7.30 - 9.30 approx 
  • Membership price - payable in advance x 4 (5) sessions every 2 months
  • Held at Healing Waters Academy - Bransford (5 miles from Worcester / 4 miles from Malvern)
  • Circles led by Jennifer Garrington
  • Easy free parking
  • Circles are strictly by appointment only, they are not drop in and they are not pay as you go.
  • Click HERE to be taken to the Meditation Pages for Qs & As

Terms & Conditions for Meditation & Spiritual Development Circle 

Unfortunately after running these circles for 12 years as a pay as you go scheme, from 2009 we have had to apply the following terms and conditions to the circles.

Terms & Conditions ~ How our closed circles work :

  • Pre payment of block bookings are made for a number of sessions
  • Prepayment of sessions – Block booking £28. (2 months of circles) Payable at the first session of the following months (Jan, March, May, July, Sept, Nov)
  • There are 24 meetings throughout the year for both groups. Payment of £28 (or £35) every 2 months (depending on the number of weeks within that 2 month term)
  • Unfortunately no refunds are given. Even for non attendance. The only refunds that are given are when HWA have to cancel due to very low numbers, weather etc. Then a refund will be given for the session(s) that you have paid for.
  • You cannot arrange your membership around holidays, however you are allocated 2 free weeks.
  • Sorry but arrears will need to be paid for.
  • If you choose to leave the group for whatever reason, your place cannot be held open, however if you decide to return and there is a place available, of course you will be made very welcome.
  • At the end of the evening light refreshments will consist of tea, herbal teas, coffee, drinking chocolate and biscuits. Those that wish to bring along any refreshments, that would be nice but please keep them light.
  • Here endeth the lesson! LOL!


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A little about Jen

Jen has as far back as she can remember, has always been drawn to the 'Light' side of life, she has been teaching Meditation and Spiritual Development for over 11 years. After many, many years of working in demanding positions in accounting, she changed her career and became an holistic therapist, she now holds many diplomas in massage, healing and other holistic therapies. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher of 13 years, A CAT Primary Master/ Teacher and also An Angelic Harmonic Healing Master/Teacher. 

The Meditation & Spiritual Development Circles are for both experienced and those not so experienced in this kind of area... some were total beginners, and have developed their skills as they went along.  The circle is light and understanding - you will not be led by ego answers to your questions, these are for you to find and they will be found in the same place the questions came from... you will find them. However gentle suggestions will be given by Jen and also the other members of the circle. You will be allowed to develop at your own pace and free will is always followed. Jen teaches in a down to earth manner and is not as some would say 'airy fairy' !!!