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For ALL Courses that involve A and P we ask that students provide the following Book and bring it along to their course 

It can be purchased from Amazon £16.19p ~ Aug 2015 

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These are the most frequently asked questions about our Courses.

Q. Are your practitioner certificates/diploma insurable?

A. All of our practitioner diplomas are insurable through Balens, please check our own insurance company before committing to attend a course

Q. Are your courses suitable for beginners?

A. Most of our courses are ideal for beginners; making them ideal for beginners or therapists looking to add to their range of treatments.

Q. Some of your courses are for just one day; can I learn all I need to in this period of time?

A. Yes, you can. We keep classes small in order to give more attention to each student; this cuts down the hours spent in class. You will learn the same technique offered by other companies. Some other course providers will require you to come back on a second day to go over what you have learnt and to practice on each other, and you will of course spend a lot of extra money to do this. We’re confident that after you have practised on family and friends until you gain your confidence you’ll be able to give the massage both safely and effectively, and we make sure you get enough practice on the day of training to remember the technique.

  • For some courses you will receive your certificate at the end of your day of training. Others after case studies ahve been presented back to HWA. It will state that you are a Practitioner of the therapy you have learnt, it is a Diploma certificate, which will include your name and the date and will be signed by your tutor. It will not say one day course on your certificate; it will however say Diploma - Practitioners Certificate.

Q. Will I need to return for more training?

A.Certificates are given once students have demonstrated that they have absorbed the information presented during the day and after applying a satisfactory treatment which is observed by the tutor. However in the rare occasion, to ensure that we act responsibly and carry out good practice, if a tutor feels that you would benefit from further training, your certification may be held back and you will offered the opportunity to attend the next available course that has a space, which is offered free of charge. (Up to one year from the original course date) This is to ensure that the standard must be high enough to enable them to issue you with a Practitioner Diploma certificate.

Q. Once I have my certificate, can I treat the general public and charge?

A. Yes you can. All other courses on offer are insurable, which means you can offer them to the public and charge for them, once you have insurance.

Q. Will it state on my certificate that the course was for one day only?

A.No, it will display Diploma - Practitioners Certificate; it does not state that it is a one day course and once you have practised and feel confident in practising the therapy you have learnt, you will be able to charge the general public as our courses are insurable.

Q. Will I get insurance details  on the day of training?

A. Yes

Q. Do I receive a manual?

A.With all of Healing Waters Academy courses you will receive a full comprehensive manual, which covers the course material and all aspects you have learnt on the day. This makes it easy for you to remember the routine without having to make notes during the day allowing you to have a practical day learning new therapy techniques.

Q. Why do prices vary so much for training courses, will I get the same training if I train with Healing Waters?

A. We offer the same courses but work with much smaller classes, making sure you all get individual attention. Many other courses on offer will have between 20 - 30 students and the teacher will take much longer to supervise the class, making the course itself longer and more expensive.

Q. What happens if you have a small number attending the course, will it still go ahead?

A. Yes, the course will go ahead if only two people have booked. We specialise in small classes to ensure one-to-one tuition, which we feel is very important. For our one day courses we usually take up to 6 students at a time, ensuring individual attention at all times.

Q. Why don’t I need A & P?

A.Other courses that include Anatomy and Physiology make the course a lot longer, but A & P is not always needed to gain insurance. We will follow a prerequisite book. The correct amount of A & P will be covered on the day of your training.
We follow the guidelines of the therapy associations and insurance companies and only ask for A & P if it is required. For many of our one day courses, it is not a legal requirement to have A & P to attend; this allows our courses to be shorter and more affordable. However we do include essential A & P you will need to know for the day and also the course book for home study.

Q. Do I need A & P or previous experience in massage to attend your courses?

A. A qualification in Anatomy and physiology or massage is NOT a requirement for any of our courses.

A & P is NOT required by the insurance companies for these courses and these courses are all suitable for beginners. Details of the insurance companies who will cover you are given to you on the day of training, and most insurance companies will add the new therapy to your existing policy (please check with your insurance company first)

Q. Will I learn full A & P and also all about the history and philosophy of the massage as well as how to do the technique itself?

A. Our one-day courses are very much intended as small, hands-on classes offering one-to-one tuition. As such they concentrate on teaching you how to give the massage in an effective, safe and professional way. To cover in-depth A & P and the history and philosophy of each massage would require a two/three day course, which would double the price and involve accommodation costs for students travelling from other parts of the country. To overcome this we ask that you provide this book you  for home study which gives you all information you will need; this saves you having to make notes on the day and gives you the in-depth information needed and much of this is also covered on the day.

Q. Why do colleges offer Indian head massage and other courses but over a longer time period; many of them include Anatomy and physiology as well? How can you offer the same course in just one day without A&P?

A. Often colleges will offer these courses with Anatomy and physiology or even ask students to undertake case histories; however this is not a requirement or a legal prerequisite.

You are able to take private courses and obtain a recognised certificate and get insurance as a practitioner (which allows you to use these therapies with the general public and charge for it). We do however ask that students have their own book to attend a course  

Many massage courses, for example, the ITEC Holistic Massage course or Reflexology do require A & P as part of the training programme and it is easier for them to offer all courses with Anatomy and physiology, even though it may not be required. However private courses usually offer these courses without having to study Anatomy and physiology as it is not always a legal requirement; and it is also not needed for your insurance cover to practice as a therapist. 

Q. How much can I expect to pay for Therapist Insurance?

A. This varies but normally you can find insurance for around £100 a year. Details are given to you on the day of the course for new therapists or if you are a therapist already and have insurance you will be able to add your training to your existing insurance (we always advise you to check first before booking). However HWA is arranging their own insurance company with Balens at a cost of around £51 per year

Q. Do I need insurance to attend your courses?

You do not need insurance to attend our courses but we advise you to act professionally and obtain suitable professional liability insurance before you practice with the general public.

Q. How do I pay the deposit?

A. We offer a number of ways to do this. You can pay online via our safe paypal system, which is protected. Or you can send a cheque. Details can be found on this site under “Booking your Course.”

Q. When do I have to pay the balance of the course?

A. Once you have paid your deposit, the remaining course fee must be paid 10 days before the date of the course. You can pay the balance straight away or up to 10 days before the course starts. For last minute bookings you can pay the full course fee in cash on the day.

Q. Is the Jiao Qi Foot Massage course different to reflexology, and is it just working on the feet?

A. Many people who have studied reflexology come to this course, as it is quite different. We work on the legs as well as the feet , you do not need Anatomy and Physiology to complete the course. Jiao Qi is not a diagnostic massage. This course uses crystals wands, which are available to purchase on the day.

Q. Who recognises your courses?

A. IPTI (Independent Professional Therapists International). and aslo Balens Insurance company recognises all of HWA courses.

Q. I am 16, can I join a course?
A. Anyone over the age of 16 years old can attend.

Q. Can men attend your courses?
A. Yes

Q. Do I have to bring someone with me to work on?
A. No you will be paired up with someone on the day, however if a partner or friend wishes to book the same date you are welcome to come in pairs or a group booking. If you do not have someone else booking with you we have small friendly classes and there will always be someone available for you to work with.

Q. I would like to also join a professional body, who will accept me?

A. To be able to join the following: FHT, Embody, The Beauty Guild. Their requirements for registration is a qualification in Massage / A&P

However if you wish to join a professional body and you do NOT have this training, you can register with the CMA, who do not have any requirements for you to join. You are able to obtain their cover without a certificate in massage so if you are a complete beginner they will accept you.

If these do not answer your questions, please feel free to email us.

FAQs ~ Meditation Circles and Courses 

Q. What is Meditation?

A. Meditation is the journey of your consciousness towards self and a time for reflection and contemplation, a time to go within, however most of my students feel it is a time for self healing, relaxation and peace. Some "me" time. 

Q. What can I gain from taking your Meditation Courses?

A.  Many people turn to meditation to help balance the stress in their lives, or when they feel they have reached a crossroad and need direction, wishing to improve their life skills, better relationships, or enhance any form of study.

Q. Do I have to sit in the lotus position / crossed legs, holding my hands in a certain way?

A. Crossing your legs, finger mudras or the clasping of hands form an energy circuit. It gives stability for the posture. But is not necessary, go with the flow, do whatever feels right! Most of my students sit on the floor or in one of the chairs provided and relax their hands.

Q. What posture / position is good for Meditation?

A. You can sit on the floor or on a chair. The posture must be comfortable and stable to be able to meditate for 5 – 20 minutes. A simple sitting posture is sufficient.

Q. How does meditation help me clear my thoughts?

A. The mind is the nothing but bundles of thoughts. In Meditation, we slowly move from body consciousness to mind consciousness and to self. Helping you to relax and let go.

Q. What if I've never meditated before?

A. That’s fine, I teach meditation in a refreshingly down-to-earth, accessible manner. My passion is to present meditation as something we can all do rather than a complex discipline with rigid structures and rules. You will be guided all the way.

Q. I have done a small amount of meditation at home; but I would like to try it in a group, can I still join the classes?

A. Yes, of course.

Q. What happens during an average meditation class?

A. We have several guided meditations and visualisations and brief talks. As part of the learning process I ask members to be willing to give some feedback. This helps self-validation and is useful for the group. Handout materials are given each week. We end the evening with light refreshments and a general discussion.

Q. How long is each meditation?

A. Anything from 10 – 20 minutes

Q. Is it all extremely serious and very deep?

A. No! My classes are both thought provoking and inspirational but light, fun and easy assessable to all.

Q. What should I wear and do I have to bring anything along?

A. You should wear loose comfortable clothing. During meditation your body temperature can slightly drop, so I would recommend you bring along a cosy pair of socks and a small blanket or throw. There are chairs provided, however if you prefer to sit on the floor, bring along your own meditation stool or a large cushion, a sleeping bag to sit on. Water and soft drinks are available.

Q. Who should attend?

A. Anyone over the age of 18*

Meditation is for everyone, I have students in their 20s up to students in their 60s.

Q. When is the next course or circle?

A. See Diary of events or email HWA 

Q. How do I book my place?

A. You can book your place here