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Inner Light Equilibrium Masterclass

Inner Light Equilibrium Masterclass  


A deeply spiritual and beautiful empowering masterclass to bring healing and equilibrium to your inner being and your luminous body. 

Our Day will consist of :

Guided Journeys

  • Meditations, journeys, empowerment and release.  

Healing Rites 

  • We will connect to a lineage of luminous beings, who will assist you in your personal transformation. They bring spiritual assistance and reawaken of your innate healing.

Luminous Energy 

  • We will weave, build and enhance a field of power, protection and nourishment into the luminous energy field. Which will become strong filters to break down any negative energy that comes your way.

Harmony Blessing 

  • We will receive a harmony blessing from Kwan Yin and The Keepers of the Sacred Flame

Beneficial : 

  • Feelings of being stuck in a pattern and feeling trapped? 
  • Feeling disconnected from who you really are? 
  • Feel that you are hanging onto anger and bitterness? 
  • Unable to speak your truth? 
  • Or do you perhaps speak before you think?
  • Is your heart closed to others and even yourself? 
  • Do you find you are lacking confidence and self-esteem?
  • Do you find you are often feeling fearful or anxious? 
  • Are you feeling exhausted and feel that everyone wants a piece of you? 
  • Do you know that this could be due to your chakras /energy centres being out of balance or blocked?

Saturday course times 12.30 - 4pm 
Sunday course times 10am - 2.30pm 

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