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The Joy of Crystals Masterclass

A beautiful and relaxing masterclass working with the wonderful energy of crystals.


In this half day masterclass we will explore how to use the energy of crystals for self- healing and development in a safe, caring environment.

  • You will learn how to select, care for, clean, dedicate and attune crystals
  • Setting up sacred space to work and meditate within.
  • You will have the opportunity to handle different crystals, see which ones you are drawn to and why.
  • Exercises to learn how to be more grounded and protected to receive new energies coming in and to help you cope with everyday stress and a hectic lifestyle. 
  • Working with the 7 Chakra Crystals
  • Crystal Meditation and Journeys
  • £40 
  • Masterclass times vary
  • A variety of tumbled stones are available to purchase on the day