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Where all things spiritual are nurtured
Healing, Meditation, Psychic and Spiritual Development

HWA ~ Meditation Courses and Masterclasses

We embrace an eclectic view of many different beliefs. 
Believing that there is a common thread that weaves a oneness between us all, so all is honoured and respected here at HWA. 
Meditation is an invitation to notice our inner being,
to acknowledge our inner beauty. 
We can begin to see more clearly our thoughts and emotions, 
and we can also let them go. 

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Here at HWA we have been teaching meditation and relaxation for over 12 years and have been running workshops and courses for all ages and areas of meditation.

We like to feel that it should not be a ridged structure and more a way of life that flows with an natural rhythm... just like your breathing. 

We nurture all things spiritual and tend to be drawn to guides, angels and the natural flow of relaxation, going within to find whatever is there for you. Not telling you the way but showing you the way, and allowing you to find your own inner wonder. 

We do provide various courses that incorporate guided meditation such as A Bead and a Prayer, Sacred Prayerstick etc., take a look at our list and see what you are drawn to. 

Our meditation and spiritual development circles, masterclasses and courses are available for complete beginners and for those who have taken part in meditation before. 

These are available as:
  • evening circles 
  • 4 weeks of Om  
  • one day masterclasses
  • Also available Breath of Life ~ Meditation Teacher Training Course
  • See Diary of events

Evening Closed Circle 

Develop your spirituality and also learn to relax, eliminate stress, experience peace & tranquility with guided meditation & relaxation 

 Meditation & Spiritual Development Circles
  • Feeling tired and exhausted or just need some time for yourself? 
  • Always wanted to try guided meditation and didn't know where to start? 
  • Want to develop your spirituality in a closed circle environment with like minded people? 
  • Circles led by Jennifer Garrington

The evenings are relaxed, peaceful, friendly and in a easy environment where you can learn to relax, unwind, be gently guided through meditations, visualisations, affirmations and relaxation techniques, developing your spirituality and psychic abilities along the way.

Here at Healing Waters we teach meditation , relaxation & development in a refreshingly down-to-earth manner. With a passion to present meditation and spiritual development as something we can all easily do rather than a complex discipline with rigid structures and rules.

See our webpage for more details

Meditation Masterclasses and Courses

Creative Meditation Workshops

Mindfulness Masterclasses

What is  Mindfulness Meditation?

With mindfulness meditation we pay attention to and see clearly whatever is happening in our lives at a particular moment. Bringing reduced stress and developing a more focused mental state of being.

Combining spiritual non-religious meditation, breathing techniques and paying attention to the present moment. 

Meditation is simply the practice of paying attention to what we are doing at that precise time. In the Buddhist tradition, this type of attention is called mindfulness.

Meditation and mindfulness can help bring about a natural sense of peace and well-being that can extend to every aspect of our lives.

See webpage for more details

Breath of Life ~ Meditation Teacher Course

See our webpage for more details

Module 1 – Theory, Research and Benefits of Meditation

Module 2 – The Practice of Meditation

Module 3 – Teaching Meditation

Module 4 – Meditation Practices


  • Types of Meditation
  • Understanding consciousness
  • Posture
  • Leading a meditation session
  • How to hold sacred space
  • Meditation teaching methodology (beginners, intermediate, advanced)
  • Challenges and rewards in Teaching Meditation Classes
  • Structuring your Meditation Class (Lesson Planning)
  • How to write a visualisation journey script
  • Covering 7 Different types of Meditation
  • Plus much more
  • Leads to an insurable diploma after written assignments and case studies 

Online Courses

Click HERE to view out Online Courses

A little about Jen 

Jen has as far back as she can remember, has always been drawn to the 'Light' side of life, she has been teaching Meditation and Spiritual Development for over 12 years. After many, many years of working in demanding positions in accounting, she changed her career and became an holistic therapist, she now holds many diplomas in massage, healing and other holistic therapies. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher of 13 years, A CAT Primary Master/ Teacher and also An Angelic Harmonic Healing Master/Teacher. 

Her Meditation & Spiritual Development Courses and Circles are for both the experienced and those not so experienced in this kind of area.  They are light and free from ego...  you will not be led by ego answers to your questions, these are for you to find and they will be found in the same place the questions came from... you will find them. However gentle suggestions will be given by Jen. You will be allowed to develop at your own pace and free will is always followed. 

She feels that meditation is for everyone and is not bogged down with rules and regulations, Jen teaches in a down to earth manner and is not as some would say 'airy fairy' !!!