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Moon Song ~ Crown of Glory ~ Rite of Passage  ~ From Maiden to Wise Woman 

Moonsong ... The coming into your own... from Maiden to Cronehood - When enter the "Change of Life", we are truly holding in and containing our inherent wisdom. As we become a Crone, this is a unique time to honour the process of becoming one of the wise ones. 
A beautiful Rite of Passage to welcome the Maga and Crone Cycles within our lives

These four phases or seasons are what we travel through within our Feminine Way

  • Maiden – birth to childbirth ~ Our Springtime in our lives
  • Mother – childbirth to menopause ~ Our Summer
  • Maga – menopause to retirement ~ Our Autumn
  • Crone – retirement to death ~ Our Winter 

In ancient times, it was believed that because a woman did not bleed for nine months before giving birth, infants developed from retained menstrual blood. Menstrual blood, called wise blood, took on powerful meanings. It was used for healing, to fertilise crops and to impart wisdom. And so when a woman did not bleed for a year and did not bear a child, it was believed she retained her wise blood. At that time she became a respected elder, judge, teacher, healer and leader. Her community respected her as a powerful and loving wise person who honored and cherished life. 

Times are changing where the older woman will be respected once more, and we personally should welcome the changes and embrace the wise woman within our being.

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