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Pathway to Tranquillity, Peace & Stillness ~ A Beautiful Relaxation  Course 

Gently Guided...

Be gently guided through wonderful visualisations of emerald forests or long sandy beaches, taken on journeys through star encrusted skies or warm country meadows and emerge into your day feeling balanced, relaxed and carefree! 

A wonderful course where you can just sit back, relax, unwind and enjoy! 

Our beautiful online 4 week course is available to enrol on now. 

It begins Monday 9th October 2017 for 4 weeks (take your time, its here when you are available)

To enrol on your journey , fill in an order form.. click HERE...

Gain some 'Me' Time for just £25

With our busy lives we lead today it is often hard to find time for ourselves.

Less than 20 minutes each day will: 

  • Bring back balance and equilibrium
  • Help you get back to being the person you were created to be.
  • Bringing you some inner peace and stillness
  • Become brighter and you will look forward to that ME time in your day
  • Use techniques to encourage stillness, and then bring it to your whole life.
  • In the short term it can provide some relief and release from your everyday thoughts
  • In the long term it leads to a way of calmer way of being  

Begin your journey into the lands of stillness... .

Click HERE to fill in an enrolment form  

When could you benefit? 

What is great about our Peace and Stillness course, is logging into your email account and finding another journey into peace awaits you.. if you have missed a week, no worries...all the previous weeks will still be there for you to listen to and interact with.

We even have a secret facebook page where you can log onto to share our journey experiences. 

Ideal times:

  • That early morning pick you up
  • Lunch time at work
  • Last thing at night
  • When you feel stressed  
  • Any time you need some peace and stillness 

A Few Testimonials

Liz: I can recommend it! A lovely meditation every morning in my inbox this week has been a lovely treat Easy and quick to download . I am look forward to tomorrow already . Thank you Jen . xxx (7 days of peace and stillness)


Sylvia:   Have just subscribed to the Meditation Course and received the most amazing journeys, all in the comfort of my own home! Can listen to them when I need them. Thanks Jen for the experiences.


Karen:  Being quite new to meditation one of my New Years resolutions was to do more and learn more about it, and then the lovely Jen produced this great, easy to do course. It's helping me so much Thank-You Jen as always an inspiration.


Patsy:  This is a wonderful course - just what I need after a busy day/ weekend. Escapism at it's best :) So calming, I Love it. Thank you Jen 


Sue: Thanks Jen. Lovely meditations. Brilliant way to start the day. I needed to meditate more. Lovely.


Rosie: Its a beautiful download, I listen to mine most days and it also helps my 6yr old daughter to chill as she can be quite full on at times x 


Please note that all the meditation downloads and materials from this / these masterclasses /courses are strictly for your personal use only and must not be shared with anyone else. All are copyrighted and belong to Jennifer Garrington.