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6th Sensory & Psychic Development Masterclasses

6th Sensory ~ Psychic Development Masterclasses 

Just what your 3rd Eye is looking for!

We have a series of Sixth Sensory ~ Psychic Development Masterclasses on offer. Each are half day masterclasses that will cover the following subjects.

Each masterclass will embrace the development of your psychic and sixth sensory ability. (suitable for beginners to advanced) Each masterclass is either held on a Saturday or a Sunday and is £45

If you're interested in developing your sixth sensory skills, you will find these masterclasses are just what your 3rd eye has been looking for!

  • Saturdays 12.30 - 4.30 pm
  • Sundays 10am - 2.30 pm
  • £45
  • For small groups of 8 only

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