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Sacred Runes Masterclass

Sacred Runes Masterclass


8 Places available 

10am - 4.30pm 

Learn the Elder Futhark, including the mythology, meaning and magick of each Rune for divination, energy work and all things magickal.

Drawing on Ancient wisdom, of over 3500 years, come and learn how these symbols can transform and enrich your life.

We will learn:

  • Origins and mythology of the Runes
  • Runic meditation journey
  • How to do simple spreads and readings for yourself, family and friends, with plenty of time to practise
  • Discover meanings and processes that feel most important to you
  • Basic structure for creating personal rituals and healings
  • Divination being simple and fun
  • Incorporating the Runes with the Tarot and other oracles
  • Please bring own Rune Set

Please note that your runes need to be the "Elder Futhark Runes"

It doesn't matter about material they are made from. Elder Futhark Runes is the most common and ancient (around the 5th Century) of all rune sets