Healing Waters Academy

Where all things spiritual are nurtured
Healing, Meditation, Psychic and Spiritual Development

Sacred Woman Circle  ~ Divine Feminine and Goddess Empowerment Circles

Sacred Woman Circle  ~ Anchoring the Sacred Divine Feminine 

Ladies only

A circle of light that holds and anchors the Sacred Divine Feminine Energy.

It is a circle of energy where there is no me or I, a combined group of women for the benefit of working with and purely for universal consciousness. 

Flowing Skirts, Drums and Cymbals

We will open up a sacred space to celebrate and be thankful for everything we have. So, put on the long flowing skirts, take off your shoes and take part in something beautiful, magical, and mystical

11am – 2pm ~ £15

When the moon rises in the Heart of Heaven 

And a light breeze touches the mirror-like face of the lake.

That indeed is a moment of pure joy.

But few they are who are aware of it.

 GEMS Healing, Meditations, Song, Dance, Incantations and invocations to the Goddess