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Sacred Prayer Stick Masterclass

Sacred Prayer Stick Masterclass


10am – 4pm

These Rods of extreme power are often also called Medicine, Talking or Walking Sticks and are sacredly constructed Magic Wands of the highest degree. 

This sacred masterclass is a journey of prayer, blessings and release where each tap into a sacred energy and create a Spirit empowered work of Art.

You may use your prayer stick for healing work afterwards if you are working in the energetic health and healing fields you could even call your creation a rod of caduceus. Or keep it for personal reflection of the blessings and prayers you have created and formed with the universe

Suggested Tools you will need

  • ·        2 lengths of wood / branch approx 3 feet in length
  • ·        Ribbons
  • ·        Wool
  • ·        Silk strands
  • ·        Material threads (perhaps from something sentimental)
  • ·        Tiny bells
  • ·        Feathers
  • ·        Dried leaves
  • ·        Shells
  • ·        Beads
  • ·        Precious Stones
  • ·        Laminated photographs or pictures (small) approx 2inch would be ideal
  • ·        Anything that you can tie onto a ribbon or branch.

HWA will have for your use a supply of ribbons, beads, feathers etc, but try and bring as many personal things for your own use.

The day will be a magical day of sacred creativity, as we construct personal power pieces which will be filled with meditation, prayer, blessing and release as you infuse each of your prayer stick with your spiritual energy.

Class size ... 4 students only