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Soul Whispers Course

A beautiful one day course reconnecting with your soul fragments 


A spiritually rewarding and uplifting day to bring yourself back to whole once more.

Over time our souls have often left behind, soul fragments that were afraid or unable to come home back to the soul flame. For what ever reason we can reconnect once more and move on with a renewed feeling of empowerment.

  • Held in a safe loving environment
  • Have you ever felt like you left part of your heart with another place or person? Energetically, that is exactly what has happened.
  • Imagine how many soul fragments you have left with others throughout past lives and how many you have collected from others.
  • This may explain having feelings that don't always make sense.
  • Hopefully, we can clear those up. Some people feel more comfortable letting go of old relationships. The grieving process seems easier when pieces of your soul are brought back where they belong.

During the day we will understand how soul loss can occur. This can happen in many ways from abuse, accidents, people who have undergone surgery and other emotional and physical traumas, as well as people dealing with such issues as alcoholism and drug abuse.

According to shamanic traditions, when soul-loss occurs, a part of the persons very essence escapes in order to survive the experience. The problem is that for most people these parts do not return, leaving feelings of dissociation from life, from the body and from relationships.

Soul loss keeps the person from feeling their connection with the Earth & the joy she has to offer, and today with your angels, guides, higherself and your power animals we will help and heal and bring back home some and maybe all of your soul fragments that are lost or hiding.

  • have you had difficulty from moving on in your life after a divorce/ split from a long relationship or the death of a loved one?
  • regarding the above question, have you felt that when they left, part of you left or was taken too?
  • do you find yourself looking to external things to fill an internal emptiness?
  • do you feel numb or lethargic?
  • do you suffer with problems from you immune system/resisting illness?
  • do you feel like you are watching life from the outside?
  • have you experienced a traumatic event or accident?
  • have you been in a coma?
  • Did you feel just 'not right' after an operation/surgery?

  • Small groups of up to 6 only
  • 10am - 4.30pm 
  • £65 per person