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Spirits of The Wheel Masterclass

A magical masterclass to find and work with the energies and totems of the Medicine Wheel, to interconnect and be part of one cosmic whole.

  • Drumming
  • Journeys
  • The Four Directions
  • Totem Animals of the  wheel 
  • Personal Totems

When Native Americans refer to "Medicine", they are referring to the vital power or force that is inherent in Nature itself, and to the personal power within oneself which can enable one to become more whole or complete.

The Medicine Wheel is many things on many various levels and has many different meanings and uses.

  • It is a circle which represents natural and personal powers in complete balance.
  • It is the circle of awareness of the individual self, and a circle of knowledge.
  • It is a shamanic map, a guide to help us find our way and ground us when we embark on inner journeys. 
  • Attune ourselves to Earth influences and forces and to the natural energies 

A Medicine Wheel can be used:

  • as a sacred space
  • as an aid to meditation
  • as an altar
  • as a protector
  • to honour the forces of Nature and the levels of being.

Each direction on the Wheel constitutes a path of self-realization and self-initiation into the mysteries of life which can lead you to the very core of your being where you can make contact with your own High Self (your Spiritual Self or True Self).

Each of the four directions has many natural forces or powers that it is connected to, such as the four seasons, the four moon phases, the four life stages, the four kingdoms, the four planes of existence